Astronomy Software

Freeware, Shareware, and Commercial Software

Freeware that renders 3D photo-realistic skies
A free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions
Freeware space flight simulation and Solar System exploration program with accurate physics, 3D graphics, and a first-person astronaut's perspective.
Google Sky
Allows you to view celestial objects, including stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and the Earth's moon.
Interactive Web Based Sky Map
3D Space Tour screensavers
Animated 3D screensavers with cosmic scenes
C++ implementation for the algorithms as presented in the book 'Astronomical Algorithms' by Jean Meeus
Planetary information software
ATC Advancede Telescope Control
Telescope control and automated supernovae search
FITS image viewer
Star-testing software that can show all the common telescope defects (astigmatism, coma, pinch, tube-currents, etc.)
Accessible free planetarium with multiple viewplanes, accurate reports, live orbital tracking, and astronomical dictionary
Alcyone Ephemeris
An astronomial ephemeris calculator covering the period 3000 BC to AD 3500 that calculates heliocentric, geocentric, and topocentric positions and much more
Astronomy clock and observer log apps
AstroSnap and AstroSnap Pro
AstroSnap (Freeware) and AstroSnap Pro (Shareware) are two astronomical imaging programs especially designed for webcams
Allows you to study how astronomical objects move and interact under the force of gravity
Minimalistic browser-based application for archiving and managing observing and imaging data
Optical and Imaging calculator. Use for all aspects of Astrophotography from imaging characteristics, resolution to exposure and more. 
Observation planning and logging with telescope control
Manage astronomical images and catalogs, allow robotic observations, astrometry and photometry
Palm OS astronomy tool which helps you to organize your observation session
Free astronomy Excel spreadsheet calculations and graphs
Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets
Astronomer's Digital Clock
Displays time, date, and Julian day
Astra Image
Image processing for astronomical images
Provides a detailed physical ephemeris for the major bodies of the solar system. Surface maps are given for Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Pluto and grid maps are provided for the gas giants and the sun.
Astronomy Calculator
Provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and lunar phase information for any location on Earth
Astro Timer PPC
Pocket PC Software designed for recording the timings of lunar grazings, ocultations, transits, meteor showers and any other astronomical observation that needs a record of the date and time to the nearest 10th of a second.
Astronomical observation planning, logging and telescope control software
Calculates the position of planets and give their appearance
AstroGemini Screen Savers
Astronomy screen savers
Astronomy Software by AeroSpaceGuide
Guide to the Best Astronomy and Space Software online
Astronomical Observation Log
Log down your observations and import a pic or sketch of the object your observing.
Free program that takes a series of video images and combines them into one
French astronomy program, especially for Dobson's owners
Image processing for astronomical images 
Dome control software
Bentec Services Limited
Free software for hyperaspherical optical design
Best Pair
Software for picking the two best stars for auto alignment with Meade & Celestron scopes
Binary Maker
Accurately calculates light and radial velocity curves for almost any type of binary, simultaneously displaying the theoretical and observed curves as well as a 3-D model of the orbiting stars
An informational tool for amateur astronomers
Image processing program specific to astronomical images that supports FITS, Bitmap and JPEG formats
CCD Astrometry
Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets
SBIG CCD camera control software
Combines both CCD camera control functions and astronomical image processing functions into a single package
Windows Software Modern Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy
Freeware. Deep sky astronomy software for star charts with 25 million stars and 1.25 million deep sky objects.
Cartes du ciel
Free sky atlas for windows that provides access to catalogs and photographs (Sky charts in english)
Celestial Maps
Sky atlas for windows and DOS
A free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions
Minor planet astrometry software
Astrometrical software for minor planets and comets
Coeli - Stella 2000
Real-time Windows planetarium with logbook, telescope control, and 3 integrated encyclopedic reference works.
Sky simulator for amateur astronomers that uses OpenGL technology 
Cute Little Astronomy Program (CLAP)
Astronomy program displays the sun moon and planets for any location in the Northern Hemisphere.
Colorful, easy-to-use planetarium program 


Modifies your screen gamma settings so that you may preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer
Planetarium like starchart
Observining and planning software for observers, telescope control, log book, control panels
Desktop Universe by Main-Sequence Software
The fusion of a full-color photographic star atlas with a desktop planetarium program
Deep Sky Database
Online resource for building customized observing lists
Deep-Sky Planner
Observation Planning & Logging Software for Astronomers
Desktop Lunar Calendar
Desktop Lunar Calendar is simple, fun and easy to use calendar. It is accurate anywhere in the world.
Freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures and is specialized in dealing with RAW files from DSLRs. TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PNG files are also supported
Calculates current moon phase and draws it nicely.
Deepsky Free
Deepsky Free is the free version of Deepsky Astronomy Software
Freeware designed to control Canon DSLR Cameras by Serial Port (RS-232)
Digital Universe
Advanced astronomical simulator
Dimension 4
Time synchronization utility
Drift Scan Imaging
Drift scan software for CCD cameras
Real time rendered Earth desktop with sunight, moonlight and clouds
Earth Centered Universe Pro v4.0
Planetarium and telescope control program designed for the requirements of amateur astronomers and professionals alike
Eagle Lander 3D
Authentic simulation of the Apollo lunar landings and includes accurate renditions of scenery, flight dynamics and the lunar module
Star charting (planetarium software), 3D solar system, and animations
Eclipsing Binary Simulator
Visualise the orbit and synthetic light curve of binary star systems
Eclipse Finder for S60 Devices
Tiny Astronomical application for MIDP 2.0 devices, can calculate the Detailed Information of any Solar and Lunar Eclipses Phenomenon with extreme accuracy
Calculates the position, rise times, and set times of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars; Solar and Lunar Eclipses (with maps generation)
Encyclopedia Galactica
Planetarium software, explore the moon features, 3D solar system
Esquire Nautical Almanc
Fully operational almanac
Find Orb
Computes orbital elements from observations
Online Flash Planetarium for every Browser
Four By Jove
Provides a very precise position for the four main moons of Jupiter within +/- 8 km. Jupiter events like transits, shadow transits, eclipses and occultations are shown in a graphical form. Mutual events such as occultations and umbral eclipses can be shown in graphical form as well.
Focus Corrector
ActiveX image processing software, sharpens images
GeoFusion Mars demo
The GeoPlayer Mars program allows you to explore the Red Planet from outer space to deep in Valles Marinaris. You can fly through valleys and over craters on desktop PCs and laptop computers with a graphics accelerator This is a free low resolution version of a the GeoFusion CD.
Gravity Simulator
Software generates orbits using an in build integrator
Uses OpenGL to simulate star fields, planet trails, sun lighting, gravity wells, and much more
Simulate space as seen from the Voyager and Giotto spacecraft
Star Charting software
Hallo Northern Sky
Planetarium program for Windows
Astronomy, space, and satellite tracking package
Hr Trace
Free VBA programmed Excel spreadsheets devoted to open cluster study
Computerized star atlas linked to a set of reference works
Data analysis
Calculates and displays the positions of Jupiter's four main (Galilean) moons
JupView PPC
The positions of Jupiter's satellites, Great Red Spot and a map of Jupiter's features
Includes video-capturing, autoguiding, frame aligning and stacking and simple post-processing
Leaving the Cradle
Interactive 3D simulation of Apollo circumlunar flight. Includes 350 MB of planetary textures.
Lunar Occultation Workbench
Computes predictions of occultations by the Moon of the planets and stars
Lunar Globe: the Virtual Museum of lunar vehicles
survey the lunar sphere, lunar formations and other objects without an astronomical telescope
Lunar Phase Pro
Moon observer's toolkit. Contains lunar phenomena predition tools, interactive moon atlas, searchable database of over 9,000 features and many other tools.
Graphically displays the current phase of the moon and much more
Lunar Co-longitude
Computes co-longitude for dates from 1989 to 2020
Lunar Map Pro
Produces high resolution lunar maps for use at the telescope
Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software
MPL3D Solar System
Explore the solar sytem and thousands of real extrasolar objects in a 3D interactive simulation of the close universe.
MaxIm DL
Image processing software
Maxclock 3.1
High-precision clock, displays sidereal and solar times, equation of time, Julian dates, Delta-T, aequatorial and ecliptic coordinates of sun and moon
Mars MOLA Viewer
View the actual terrain of Mars, at any point on the surface, as a fly-through real-time 3D rendering
Mariner 10 Image Browser and Reconstructor
Software for Mariner 10 TV experiment allows image processing with noise filtering, despeckling, and reconstruction
Meade Astronomical Software
Telescope control software
Meteor Observation Log
Log is designed around a 3 hour observation session with the capablity to record up to 20 meteors an hour
Sky Atlas for Windows
An astronomical image processing program that works with FITS and GIF files
Minor Planet Observer
MPO Connection and Canopus
Image Processing Software
Proper motion simulation, simulates star positions in the future and past
Moon Map for Pocket PC
A vectorized moon map for the Pocket PC and Palm devices.
Moon Phase Icon
Shows the current moon phase in your system tray
Moon Phase Oracle - Solunar Prediction Software
Astronomy software for any location worldwide displays information for any time of day
Shareware for stargazers
Newt Telescopes
A newtonian telescope design program that ray traces the telescope checking for vignetting, optimizes diagonal size, calculates baffle size and position, and a lot more
NexStar Freeware
Freeware allowing PC control of all models of NexStar telescopes
Newton's Aquarium
A solar system construction set
Produces a single A4 sheet monthly calendar telling the user when it gets dark, when the Moon rises and sets and what the Moon should look like when it does make an appearance
Observation Manager
Free and open Java based observation logging tool that stores it's data in a free and open XML format called COMAST
Comprehensive optical design software
Orbit Explorer
Physics educational software for high school and college students and teachers
Freeware space flight simulation and Solar System exploration program with accurate physics, 3D graphics, and a first-person astronaut's perspective.
Satellite tracking software for visual observers and radio amateurs
PEAS - Periodic Error Analyzing Software
Program for evaluation and analysis of periodical errors in equatorial mount
PIXY system 2
Automated astronomical image examination system
Convert PIC image files, coming from IRIS (free image processing software) in unsigned 16-bit per colour channel TIFF files
A freely downloadable Ephemeris program which will print out positions of Sun,Moon and planets
Free tool for drawing celestial chars in resolution-independent format (PDF)
Deepsky database written in javascript, allows sophisticated queries, contains sky atlas, finder charts and object-related links to NED, SIMBAD or WEBDA (in german!)
A vector engine-based planetarium, with USNO2 support, real images 'melt' into the background, 3D graphics for solar system bodies
Period analysis software for variable stars
100% automated astrometric image processing for FITS files from any camera
PixInsight is a modular, open-architecture, portable image processing platform available on Linux/UNIX and MS Windows
Multimedia guide to our solar system
Planetarium software, solution to the three body problem, the representation of the star sky and the planets, 3D
Displays star charts and other astronomical data on Palmtops
Planet's Visibility and Orbits
Free software along with data on planets, asteroids and stars
3D view of Major and minor planets, Asteroids, Comets, Full Sky Map, Local Sky Map, Ephemerides using VSOP87/ELP82 solutions
Polygon Worlds
Various free software that lets you explore Mars and watch galaxies collide
Power Age Sky Simulator
Planetarium program, a graphic interpretation of the sky
Pocket Stars PDA
A star chart, ephemeris, and Celestial Navigation calculator for the Pocket PC
Practices on Observational Astronomy
Educational software with exercises involving eclipses, saros cycles, and the sky
RSI New Moon
Easy-to-use educational software for middle school through college. 3D views of the Moon's phases, the Solar System, and more.
RTGUI: Windows Real-Time Interactive Astronomy Software
Controls most 'goto' telescopes, rapidly locate planets, deep-sky objects, and bright stars from catalogs
Planetarium program
Freeware tool for alignment, stacking and processing of BMP or AVI image sequences.
Collection of astronomical software
Space Shuttle and Satellite Tracking Software (SOP*.*)
Designed to allow you to quickly and easy design and plan the most popular sundials
Satellite Tracker
Satellite Tracking Software for many types of telescopes including the full line of Celestron, Meade, Astro-Physics, etc
Scope Calculator
Scope Calculator calculates and compares the magnification, field of view, and exit pupil of up to 7 eyepieces when used with a specific telescope
Screen Saver
Earth, moon, and planet screen savers
Solar System Simulator with Moon Phase display & Galilean Moons of Jupiter Simulator
Planetarium program
Planetarium program
Sky Atlas
A program for anyone that wants to know how to identify constellations and other space objects: stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets
Planetarium software with telescope control features
Planetarium program for windows
A real time visual space simulation with ephemeris
Planetarium program by Skyhound
Solar Scouts
Course based games designed for grade 6 to early college. Topics include the solar system, space and seasons among others. 
Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver
A realistic screensaver showing a magnificent view of our planet as seen from space
Ephemerides, orbits & planetarium based on numerical integration
Solar Kingdom
A 3D Solar System Simulator and Encyclopedia
Space Weather Applications
Graphs of current space weather data, interactive map of the Sun
Astronomical database browser and research analysis tool
Stellar Magic
Freeware and shareware image processing software. Astronomical image processing tutorial.
StarMessage - Moon Phase and Night Sky screensaver
View the moon phases and write your name in the stars of the night sky
A shareware program for the amateur astronomer
Freeware that renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time (or here
Professional astronomy planetarium & star mapping program for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP with plugin support
Stella Theater
Japanese planetarium currently named Planetarium Pro
Star Atlas Pro
Deep Sky Star Charts and Telescope Control Software 


StarLight Pro
StarLight Pro produces animated views of eclipsing binary stars and calculate synthetic lightcurves. The effects of limb darkening, temperature, inclination, stellar size, mass ratio, and star shape are included.
Starry Night
Home of Starry Night and Deep Space Explorer
Astronomy Simulation Software
OpenGL star chart with photo-realistic views of 110,000 stars, 110 messiers and all the planets
A software planetarium, a virtual space-ship, an three dimensional star chart, and more
Software and database to guide a Dobsonian telescope (or any telescope with altazimuth mount)
Sun and Moon Almanac
Graphical Sun and Moon Almanac
Swiss Ephemeris Info
High precision ephemeris
Telescope pointing analysis software
Crystal Lake Observatory astronomy learning and discovery program.
TachyonNET for PocketPC
A complete astronomical package for serious amateurs. It includes Meade Telescope Control.
Texas A&M Astronomical Software
Lots of Freeware by Don Carona involving the Jupiter system, the Sun, the Moon, etc.
TheSky Pocket Edition
Graphical astronomy program that turns your personal computer into a personal planetarium
The Free Virtual
Galaxy Project a free 3-D virtual space program based upon data obtained from NASA's ADC
Planetarium and telescope control program
Trefach Astronomy Centre Software
Network Telescope Control, Blink Comparator and slightly OT GPS Mapper
Tria Image Processing
Allows fast and effective Blind Deconvolution (de-blurring) of any image and opens 16 image types, including 32-bit TiFFs and FITS, and provides 16 additional image processing functions
Tria Image Processing
The Tria program enables fast and effective deconvolution and blind deconvolution, image math, and image registration. Version 2.0 provides faster processing, improved display, and unique image analysis tools.
Uniview is a realtime 3D computer graphics platform for astronomy- and Earth-based sciences, used by leading planetariums like Hayden (New York) and Gates (Denver)
A Small tool to display current vedic date and time parameters along with panchanga details and planetary positions, developed using swiss ephemeris library.
VITO AstroNavigator
GPS application that displays sky map above you accordingly to your current position, time and direction of movement
VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D
Virtual Reality Astronomy Software presenting the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit Mission, powered by the VRPresents technology. It gives the feel of being on the surface of Mars.
Venera 15/16 Radar Mosaic Browser
Windows software allows browsing of the Venera 15 and 16 radar maps.
Virtual Lunar Atlas
Moon image atlas for Windows
Visual Spec
Spectral image analysis software
Voyager 4
View the heavens on your computer from any place on Earth, in the Solar System, or beyond
Where is M13?
Displays the 3-D positions of deep sky objects within and around the Galaxy.
Planetarium, showing you the appearance of the sky, as seen from anywhere on Earth, for any date
provides an image of the Earth correctly shaded for the current position of the Sun
Star-charting, sky-simulating, ephemeris-generating software
Yale Observatory iMAge Manipulation Application
Zubot Suite
This is a group of programs which allow you to align, rotate, stack, and enhance astronomy pictures. 


    Macintosh Software
      Astronomy Village
      Investigating the Universe
      Astronomical observation planning, logging and telescope control software
      Front end to Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) internet repository of astronomical images
      Astro IIDC
      Astronomy and Microscopy oriented application developed from the ground up to make FireWire camera imaging easier on the Mac
      Best Pair
      Software for picking the two best stars for auto alignment with Meade & Celestron scopes
      Binary Stars
      Free astronomical software for Macintosh computers, complete with manuals, teaching binary star concepts, for classroom or personal use.
      Macintosh Software Modern Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy
      Carina Software
      Voyager II, SkyPilot, and SkyGazer
      A scientifically accurate 3D space simulation (uses OpenGL), contains 3D positions of everything from stars to asteroids and artifical satellites (also a large amount of expansion addons are available)
      Digital Universe
      Planetarium software
      13 different filters for organizing deep sky objects and many controls to adjust the sky display, can run your astro-imaging webcam, has SBIG camera support, and will control your telescope with voice commands
      INFO-MAC Science and Math
      MoonClock, Moon Tool, NightSky, Planet, StarAtlas, MacAstro, MAIA, etc.
      Data analysis
      Macintosh Scientific Software
      Contains scientific software
      Astronomy/astrology program for the Mac
      Shows moon phase on desktop plus other info
      Planetarium program
      SEDS FTP Site - Macintosh
      Collection of astronomy software
      Scope Calculator (Mac)
      Scope Calculator calculates and compares the magnification, field of view, and exit pupil of up to 7 eyepieces when used with a specific telescope
      SkyORB VR
      A real time visual space simulation with ephemeris
      Starry Night
      Macintosh planetarium program
      Sunlit Earth Widget
      Displays the sunlit part of the Earth as will as the city lights from dark side
      Planetarium and telescope control program
      Where is M13?
      Displays the 3-D positions of deep sky objects within and around the Galaxy.
      Star-charting, sky-simulating, ephemeris-generating software 


    UNIX Software
      Clear Sky Institute
      Observatory control and astronomical analysis system
      European Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis System VMS, OpenVMS and UNIX systems, including LINUX
      Draws practical, well-readable deepsky finder charts in Postscript (EPS) and Adobe PDF format.
      Free windows software to calculate atmospheric trajectory and heliocentric orbit of meteoroids.
      Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
      Planetarium software for the KDE desktop environment
      Linux for Astronomy
      Includes over 3Gb of Astronomical software precompiled for the Linux (x86) operating system
      Nightfall Eclipsing Binary Star Program
      Model for eclipsing binary stars, for Linux or any other Unix
      Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA)
      A framework for celestial mechanics investigations
      QVarStar is a GCVS (General Catalogue of Variable Stars) catalog browser for Unix
      Planetarium program
      Where is M13?
      Displays the 3-D positions of deep sky objects within and around the Galaxy.
      Star-charting, sky-simulating, ephemeris-generating software
      Displays, calculates, tracks the position of many celestial objects (stars, galaxies, nebulae, constellations, planets, comets, etc.) 


    Java, JavaScript, and Active Server Pages
      Produces an artificial image of a star field based on the selected catalog
      3D Solar System
      Navigate through the Solar System, approach any planetary body, orbit it, control the flow of time, textured images
      AcruSky Mobile
      Free Java-planetarium for cell phones
      Sky atlas allowing the user to visualize digitized images of any part of the sky, to superimpose entries from astronomical catalogs or personal user data files, and to access related data and information from the SIMBAD, NED, VizieR, etc.
      The AstroViewer planetarium applet shows a sky map for any time and any location on Earth. Individual printable sky maps (GIF, PDF) can be created.
      Astronomy Magazine - Star Dome
      Sky mapping program to plan your observing sessions
      A free web-based star charting java-applet: draws stars to mag 11.5, can display all NGC objects
      Sun to Sedna Ephemeris
      Javascript for galaxy observers in German
      GeoAstro Applet Collection
      Java applets concerning the positions of the Sun and Moon in the sky and much more
      Java applet that tracks Mir, Hubble, UARS and COBE.
      Java based Optical Design and Analysis Software
      Expedites the 'time-and-the-sky' calculations needed by observational astronomers
      Java Observing Tool
      Earth, moon, sun, planets, and star chart Java tools
      Jupiter Events
      JavaScript Application
      Julian Date
      JavaScript Application
      Mobile Planetarium for Java Phones
      Open-source MIDP1.0/2.0 midlet for Java-enabled mobile/cell phones or handheld device that simulates the whole sky
      Sideral time calculator
      Cellular telephone planetarium
      Jupiter's moon positions and Moon Phases
      Solar System Live
      WWW Interactive
      Solar System Simulator
      Simulate the sky, planets, and satellites as seen from Earth. Acurate renderings and event predictions (transits, shadows, eclipse, ocultation) of any planet and satellite.
      Space Weather Applications
      Graphs of current space weather data from NOAA GOES satellites and other data sources
      Sun and Moon Almanac
      Interactive almanac
      Sunlit Earth Java Desktop Application
      Displays the sunlit part of the Earth as will as the city lights from dark side
      Sun And Moon Times
      Mobile phone software to calculate the rise and set times for the Sun and Moon and the Moon phase.
      The Planets
      Java Application to plot Jupiter's Moons and Saturn's Rings
      Where is M13?
      Displays the 3-D positions of deep sky objects within and around the Galaxy.
      Your Sky
      Interactive web-based planetarium 


    Astronomy Code

    Online Data Sources

    Other Astronomy Software