Star Chart FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I print these star charts?

What other versions of these charts are available?

  • Charts with no labels and no constellations lines are also available along with other outdoor exercises.

Can I use these star charts in my publication?

  • These start charts can be included in non-profit publications as long as the PDF files remain unchanged and provided that the "SFA Observatory," is cited in the publication.

Who can I contact about these star charts?

Who uses these star charts?

  • The charts are used at several universities in observational astronomy courses. They were also published in a few text books. The constellation line developed for the SFA Star Charts are using in Google Sky. Don Carona from the Texas A&M Observatory has created an SFA Chart Viewer program based on these star charts.

How did you make these charts?

  • These charts were made using Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic Macros that resize and label the dots. These charts use public domain data distributed by the Astronomical Data Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

How can I make my own star charts?


Download Star Charts

This video is based on the constellations from the SFA Start Charts.